My Fitblr Promises


I promise to never make fun of you for asking a basic fitness question.
I promise to never give you an answer that is flippant or condescending.
I promise to be honest when I don’t have an answer for you.
I promise to never send you hate.
I promise to be honest about my progress.
I promise to never make it seem like this journey is easy 100% of the time.
I promise to listen.
I promise to give you the same level of respect that you give to me.

(via prettylittlefitblr)

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Oatmeal with a banana, melted peanut butter and chocolate chips
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peach coconut yogurt w/ chia seeds & cacao nibs


My favorite thing is when guys get that one haircut that transforms them from cute n’ dork to a majestic sex god butterfly

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Enjoying spring :)